5 Tips for How Divorced Dads Can Make the Most of Their Parenting Time

 Posted on May 29, 2020 in Child Custody and Visitation

Parenting time tips for divorced fathersFor many divorced fathers, transitioning from married life to single fatherhood can be difficult, and this change can be hard on children too. If you and your kids are used to spending time together every day, you might struggle to adjust to being with them only part of the time. However, this doesn’t mean your relationship with your kids will need to suffer. By focusing on your children’s needs and staying connected with them, you can make sure the parenting time you have is a positive experience for everyone. Here are some tips getting the most out of the time you spend with your children after your divorce:

  1. Maintain consistency - Kids do best when they have regular schedules and routines in their daily lives. While you and your ex won’t necessarily need to follow the same schedules in both of your homes, you can do your best to stay consistent in how you handle things when your kids are with you. Your children will be comfortable in your home if they know when they can expect to eat meals, do homework, go to bed, get up in the morning, or any other regular activities.

  2. Keep kids informed - You can help your kids transition between your and your ex’s households by making sure they know which days they will be at which parent’s home. Using a calendar to mark the days they will spend at each home will make sure they know what to expect, and giving them reminders before they go to the other parent’s home can make sure they are prepared to make the transition. If there will be any changes to the parenting time schedule, tell your kids in advance so they are not disappointed about these adjustments.

  3. Communicate with the other parent - As you and your ex work together as co-parents, you will want to make sure the other parent knows what is going on in your kids’ lives. Making sure you are both on the same page about issues such as education, medical care, activities, and other issues that are important to your children can ensure that you will continue to be closely involved in their lives.

  4. Be understanding - Your kids might struggle to adjust to their new reality, so you will want to do your best to help them through this transition. Be sure to let them express their emotions, including any sadness, anger, or frustration they are feeling. You can also do your best to accommodate their needs by allowing them to communicate with the other parent when they want to and letting them bring important items such as stuffed animals, blankets, favorite books, or articles of clothing with them to both houses.

  5. Spend quality time together - Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to be present when your kids are with you and focus on their needs. You don’t need to do anything extravagant, make special trips, or buy new toys; instead, focus on spending time together doing the things you enjoy, and let them know that you love them and will always be there for them.

While the transition to single parenthood after your divorce can be difficult, you can focus on meeting your children’s needs and making the most of the time you have with them. To ensure that you can reach an agreement in your divorce that will protect your parental rights and allow you to be the father your children deserve, you should work with a divorce attorney who can answer your questions and provide you with representation throughout the legal process.


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