How Dads and Kids Alike Can Benefit from Virtual Visitation

 Posted on April 28, 2023 in Child Custody and Visitation

father's divorce lawyerIn recent years, the term “visitation” has largely been replaced with the term “parenting time.” This is due, in no small part, because the concept of visitation is almost always misleading and vaguely insulting to hard-working parents who are invested in their children’s well-being. Simply because a parent does not get to reside with their child as often as their co-parent might does not mean that their relationship with their child has been reduced to visitor status. Countless adults who cannot be with their children every day are stellar parents, both when they are face-to-face with their children and when they are not.

Yet, there is one beneficial area of the American co-parenting experience that has been labeled as a form of “visitation” in a way that is not degrading. Likely because the alliteration of the term makes it easy to remember, the concept of “virtual visitation” is proving to be beneficial for millions of families across the country.

What Is Virtual Visitation?

Virtual visitation is an umbrella term that broadly refers to any method of communication that a child can use to remain connected when they are not residing with one of their parents. Many parenting plans contain terms that set expectations for both parents to follow when their child is and is not residing with them. Common resources that are used to facilitate virtual visitation arrangements include:

  • Postal mail

  • Phone calls

  • Email

  • Texting

  • Video chats

  • Social media

  • Audio recordings, including bedtime stories for young children

How Parent-Child Relationships Can Thrive Virtually

By investing in a virtual visitation schedule, you can remain more connected to your child than you would be if you only communicated face-to-face and/or on sporadic occasions in a virtual context. By setting up clear virtual visitation expectations, you can give such arrangements greater stability, which your child may explicitly or subconsciously crave. There are endless ways to be a solid, present parent. Utilizing virtual visitation opportunities can empower your unique approach to achieving this overall aim.

Contact an Experienced Local Father’s Rights Lawyer to Learn More

If you are interested in including virtual visitation terms within the text of a parenting plan that you are drafting or modifying an existing parenting plan to feature such terms, consider connecting with a local father’s rights lawyer. By scheduling a risk-free case evaluation, you can better understand your rights and options under the law when it comes to maintaining and strengthening your relationship with your child or children.




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