Is It Safe to Send My Kids Back to School During the COVID-19 Crisis?

 Posted on September 17, 2020 in Single Dad Survival

Dad's Divorce LawyersFor many parents, fall represents a time when strict routines kick in after a more relaxed summer. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused many families to be worried about children’s safety while they are in school. This is especially true for parents who are separated or divorced, and dads who share custody of their kids may be concerned about the safety procedures followed and the methods used to minimize the risks of infection. Fortunately, divorced fathers can work to put their minds at ease while ensuring that their children will receive a good education by doing the following:

Review School Safety Procedures

Your first priority will likely be to understand what your children’s school is doing to protect the health and safety of students and their families. Experts have recommended that schools enforce social distancing by keeping students’ desks spaced apart, holding classes outdoors when possible, enforcing one-way traffic in hallways, and grouping students and teachers into “cohorts” that stay together throughout each school day. Masks should be required at all times (aside from lunch), and students and teachers should wash their hands and clean surfaces regularly. Schools may also minimize contact between students by reducing class sizes through the use of staggered schedules in which students spend some days at school and some days learning at home.

Cooperate to Help Kids Learn at Home 

In many cases, children will be on an alternating schedule where they spend some days at school and some days at home. However, parents may decide to keep children away from school altogether during the pandemic, requiring them to do schoolwork from home full-time. Whatever approach your family will be taking, you will want to work together with your ex to figure out the best ways to meet your children’s needs. This may involve one of you working from home so you can supervise your kids during the day, or you may use babysitters or get help from extended family members to make sure your kids are completing their schoolwork and receiving any assistance they need while they are at home.

Make Adjustments to Schedules When Necessary

As you figure out how to approach the school year, you may need to make changes to the days and times you will be spending with your children or the arrangements for transporting children to and from school and between parents’ homes. For example, if you expect to have the kids stay with you on certain days when you are working from home, you may adjust your parenting time schedule to have them stay overnight with you on these days. When possible, you should try to be flexible to make sure you and your ex can work together to accommodate your children’s needs, and it is a good idea to set down any agreements in writing in case any disagreements arise in the future.

Contact a Qualified Lawyer for Guidance

Ideally, you and your ex will be able to work together to make sure your kids will remain safe while still getting the education they deserve. However, if you run into disagreements about what is best for your children, you may need to go to court or use mediation to resolve child custody disputes. Whether you need to make modifications to your parenting agreement or take legal action to protect your children’s best interests, you will want to work with an experienced family law attorney. With the right lawyer on your side, you can ensure that these matters are addressed correctly while protecting your parental rights.



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