What Can a Father Do About False Allegations of Abuse During Divorce?

 Posted on May 09, 2022 in Divorce Issues

divorce lawyer for fathersWhile domestic violence is a serious concern in marriages across the United States, it is easy to falsely accuse a father of marital abuse during divorce and have courts take it seriously. Once such an accusation has entered the picture, the man accused of the abuse often has to spend an enormous amount of time, energy, and money trying to prove that he never committed the abuse. Unfortunately, the presumption of innocence is frequently denied, and the father is the one stuck trying to demonstrate his innocence so he can get custody of his kids. If you have been falsely accused of abuse or are worried you may be, here are some steps you can take. 

Keep Your Data Private

Wives who have feelings of extreme jealousy, possessiveness, and anger management issues often snoop through their husband’s private material without justification. Change your passwords, PINs, and other information that could give your wife access to your private accounts. If your wife begins making threats, document them and share them with family members and friends so you can begin establishing a history of threatening behavior. 

Take False Allegations Seriously

Many fathers are shocked when allegations of abuse are made against them. While your marriage may not have been perfect, it can be hard to believe your wife would make such a claim, and you may be tempted to brush it off or hope it blows over. However, even false allegations are important to take seriously because they can carry serious consequences, including the loss of access to your children and even arrest and jail time. 

Do Not Fight Back

It can be tempting to fight back against accusations of abuse or violence. You may want to confront your ex and try to talk reason into her. However, this can make you appear threatening - no matter how unfair that may seem. You have to understand that the bias is naturally against you and need to be on your best behavior. The moment a false allegation of abuse is made, contact an attorney who can help you gather evidence and testimony to support your version of events. 

Meet with an Aggressive Divorce Attorney In Your Area

False allegations of abuse can destroy your relationships with friends, neighbors, and professional acquaintances; worst of all, it can threaten your relationship with your children. It is important to take the possibility of such allegations seriously and respond to false allegations with strength and strategic thinking. If you suspect your ex will lie about abuse in order to gain the upper hand in your divorce, or if she already has done so, get help from an aggressive, no-nonsense divorce attorney who has experience managing false allegations in divorce. 



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