How Can Infidelity Affect a Divorce?

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Untitled---2023-11-20T113315.946.jpgGetting a divorce is rarely an easy process, especially for dads who need to address child custody issues. However, infidelity can make matters even more complicated, and it can lead to disputes that may be difficult to resolve. When one spouse has engaged in a sexual or emotional relationship with someone outside of the marriage, this is likely to be one of the top reasons why the marriage is ending. Infidelity can not only lead to significant emotional pain, feelings of betrayal, and contentious arguments, but it may also affect divorce proceedings. In these situations, it is important to understand the legal implications that infidelity may have for dads who are going through divorce.

When Infidelity May Be Addressed During the Divorce Process

Infidelity is an emotional issue that can be very important to spouses who are going through a divorce. However, it may not necessarily be addressed during legal divorce proceedings. Even though it can be difficult to set aside emotions when approaching this issue, doing so may be necessary to ensure that a divorce can be completed successfully. A spouse’s adultery or cheating behavior could potentially affect a divorce in the following ways:

  • Grounds for divorce: When filing for divorce, a spouse will state the reasons they are seeking to end their marriage, which are known as the grounds for divorce. Some states recognize fault-based grounds for divorce, including adultery. However, most states also allow for “no-fault divorce” in which a divorce petition will state that the marriage is ending because of irreconcilable differences. To help minimize conflict during the divorce process, it may be preferable to file for a no-fault divorce rather than placing the blame for the end of the marriage on the spouse who cheated.


Untitled---2023-10-19T153632.312.jpgDivorce is not easy, and husbands or fathers who go through this experience will often struggle to make changes in their lives and make sure they are making good financial choices. The emotional aspects of ending a marriage can make it difficult to properly consider the long-term impact of the choices made during the divorce process. However, it is important to approach this process correctly, and men can take steps to protect their financial interests and set themselves up for success in the next chapter of their lives. As you prepare for divorce, you will want to follow these tips for addressing financial issues:

Gather All Financial Documents

It is essential to compile all relevant financial information that may affect the decisions made during the divorce process. These documents may include bank statements, tax returns, investment account statements, mortgage documents, credit card bills, and any other records related to your assets and liabilities. Having this information readily available will help you understand your current financial situation so that you can make decisions about the division of marital property and other divorce-related issues.

Assess Your Assets and Liabilities

Evaluate all joint accounts, assets, investments, and any other property owned together with your spouse. You will also need to consider any separate property that you or your spouse own individually. By creating an inventory of your marital property and fully understanding the value of different assets, you can make sure assets and debts will be properly divided during settlement negotiations. An understanding of the value of non-marital property, which may include assets or debts acquired before you were married or gifts or inheritances received by either party, may also affect your financial resources going forward, and this may need to be factored into the decisions made during your divorce.


How Does Divorce Impact Men?

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how divorce can affect men and fathersThere is no doubt that going through a divorce is a life-altering event that can have a significant impact on both men and women. While there are many resources that discuss the difficulties that women go through, there have historically been fewer resources for men. However, men will face many of the same emotional and financial concerns, and they may feel that they have less support from others. If you are going through a divorce, the following are some of the difficulties that you may be dealing with as you work to end your marriage and move forward into the next stage of your life:

Emotional Impact

Even if you are the spouse that wanted the divorce and filed a petition to dissolve your marriage, the end of a relationship that you once thought would be permanent can cause you to experience waves of intense emotions. It is not uncommon to deal with feelings of anger, betrayal, grief, and sadness. You may experience a sense of loss as you process the emotional challenges that come with ending your marriage. You may also need to deal with stress related to major changes in your life, and you may face trepidation as you consider an uncertain future.

Parenting Impact

If you have children, divorce will require you and your spouse to create a new parenting dynamic. Depending on the type of child custody and parenting plan you settle on, you will most likely be able to spend less time with your children than you did while you were married. Coming to terms with the changes in your life that affect your relationship with your children is not always easy.


fathers rights attorneyIf you are like many people who update friends and family through social media, you may want to reconsider that if you are going through a divorce. You are probably aware that what you say on the internet is seen by many people. What you post or write is automatically captured, and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can potentially use it against you during divorce. If you use social media during your divorce, here are some tips to help you protect yourself.

Digital Age Precautions

Social media can complicate a divorce in the blink of an eye. In this digital age, what we say and post will live forever online. Be careful not to give your spouse any ammunition. These are some tips in case you remain active on social media while divorce proceedings are underway:

  • Take precautions and change your passwords on everything from email to social media accounts. This will ensure that you maintain your privacy during the divorce. The last thing you want is for your spouse to get the upper hand from any email communications or to post something inappropriate while pretending to be you.


Hidden Assets Divorce LawyerAll divorcing spouses must come to an agreement as to how they will divide their marital estate. For some spouses, this is simple and straightforward; for others, it is a long, complicated process. Over the years, women have gotten a reputation for being most frequently wronged by malicious behaviors on the part of their husbands during asset division. However, as more and more women outearn men in the workforce, the exact same motivations that drive men to hide assets from their wives are applicable when it comes to wives hiding assets from their husbands. Some spouses do it to reduce the amount of the marital estate they have to divide; other spouses do it to reduce child or spousal support payments. 

If you are a father getting divorced, it is important not to underestimate the chances of your wife attempting to hide assets from you. You deserve the full share of assets to which you are entitled under the law, and a divorce attorney in your state can help you make sure that you get it. 

How Do I Know if My Wife is Hiding Assets in Our Divorce? 

It can be difficult to know whether someone you once loved and trusted would do something as detrimental to your well-being as trying to diminish your share of your marital property by hiding assets from you. However, if your spouse has a history of financial dishonesty - or of compulsive dishonesty in general - you need to be on the alert for suspicious financial behavior. If large amounts of money are missing from your shared bank accounts, if cash withdrawals are unexplained, or if your wife suddenly seems to have a drop in income, she may be hiding, or planning to hide, assets from you. 

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